Friday, February 4, 2011

Long time, no garden

Well, since its been like ten months since I've posted about gardening, I thought I would let you know what has been going on. Life happened for one! lol
We unexpectedly moved for various reasons back in June of 2010, and all of my stuff stayed at our old place, much to my dismay. Nothing like traveling 30 minutes just to garden!
What did you grow in your garden this year?

Anyhoo, I can completely recommend growing the Yellow Pear tomatoes. They are small, but delicious and very prolific! I gave away several pints of fresh ones and at the end of the season I canned ten 1/2 pints, and that's not including all the ones we ate!

My rosemary, several different kinds, was the most enjoyable to grow, for the smell and appearance, plus it tastes wonderful on fish and pork.

I tried sunflowers again, too, and wow! did they ever grow. I have a large bowl full of sunflower seeds from the six heads and they were beautiful! I also found out that once you take all the seeds off of the head, you can break it apart and glue it onto wreaths for a very attractive fall decoration.

My eggplants didn't do as well in 2010, but my basil grew like crazy.

The corn was pitiful, but apparently I got my companion planting wrong on that one, so my bell peppers didn't do well either.
My squash was a late producer, and I did end up with a few in like September.

The Blue Lake stringless did pretty well, but I ended up not caring for the taste so I gave those away.

I can also recommend the Lemon Cucumbers, if you want something a little different and want a milder cucumber.

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